EMANUELA PASSERI footwear in Sole24ORE

On the hills of the Marche Region that are so dear to the great renaissance painter Raffaello, just a few kilometres from his native Urbino, for over 50 years the Passeri family has been making women’s shoes of the finest calibre, combining the experience and famous talent for footwear craftsmanship that has made this region famous throughout the world. “Calzaturificio Emanuela” was founded by Luciano Passeri in the ‘50’s, when he began making shoes entirely by hand, over the decades he acquired extensive experience, from sketching, to the manufacturing of uppers, from assembly to packaging. Over the past decades, the company has become characterised by the fact that it carries out the entire production cycle in-house. During the second half of the 80’s, the founder of the company was joined by his eldest daughter Emanuela (from whom the company brand will later take its name), thus combining the father’s craftsman’s ability and experience with his daughter’s elevated competence in terms of styling and model making, along with an extreme talent for fashion and style. At this stage the company entered a new phase, beginning to create footwear of a higher level, combining elevated stylistic research with the use of the best materials on the market, from leathers, to heels, to accessories. Emanuela Passeri is in fact one of the first companies to create jewel sandals, combining women’s shoes with accessories featuring real Swarovski crystals, a testimony to the quality level attained by the company. During the 90’s then, the founder’s other two daughters, Maura and Francesca, also came on board, they completed the family presence within the company in the administrative and customer service sectors, giving Calzaturificio Emanuela a significant feminine imprint, making it a unique case within the Italian footwear sector: shoes for women designed and created by women! The level that “Emanuela Passeri” has reached today is evident in the successes attained over the last few years: numerous Italian and foreign TV and movie stars choose to wear our shoes, and they are selected more and more often for important events (such as the fashion shows at Piazza di Spagna during the last edition of "Donna sotto le Stelle" in Rome or numerous TV shows on national and foreign channels. During the last few years, a growing number of prestigious foreign stores (in Spain, Australia, Japan, Central America, The United States, The Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland etc…) have chosen “Emanuela Passeri” shoes, even though the company’s focus is more and more on everyday women, women who want to feel even more beautiful, wearing shoes that are made entirely in Italy and that have an unmistakable Italian style. Today “Emanuela Passeri” continues to produce its footwear entirely in Italy, availing of knowledgeable artisans who have been working for over two generations within the company, under the watchful eyes of the founder and his family, who treat shoes like an affair of the heart “because only those who love making footwear like us, can understand a woman and the love she feels for her shoes”, observes Luciano Passeri.


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