From the time it was founded, over 50 years ago, Calzaturificio Emanuela could be singled out from the rest for its selection of the best materials on the market, in all the components that make up the various shoes. From heels to leathers, from Swarovsky crystals to the tiniest of accessories, only the best has always been selected for Emanuela Passeri footwear. The most beautiful, softest and most resistant leathers, in the most fashionable colours and the great classics of elegance; the most innovative heels, in various heights and in all resistant materials, so as to make the shoes not only comfortable, but also stable and safe. The most beautiful, unique and original Swarovsky crystals, in solitaire or combined with other semiprecious stones, crystals and fabric accessories, the utmost of attention is paid to every little part of the shoe, from laces to zips, from eyelets to all the metallic parts, which are strictly nickel free. Only the best leather soles on the market are used, with the proposal of the best rubber soles also, depending on requirements, to extend the range of products offered on the basis of the needs of the client.

Just like our handbags, our shoes are dispatched in boxes made of high quality material, protected by tissue paper or high quality covers, so as to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition at the stores and are also preserved in the best possible manner in the homes of the women who choose them, accompanying them for years throughout the most varying situations of their lives.

We love making shoes for all women, because every woman deserves to be beautiful and feel beautiful. For this reason, the quality / materials / price ratio is fundamental for us, we want all women to be able to wear our shoes, which are crafted with so much love and care.

The quality level attained by "Emanuela Passeri" today is evident from the success it has reached over the past few years: numerous Italian and foreign TV and movie stars choose to wear our shoes, and they are being selected more and more often for important events (such as the fashion shows at Piazza di Spagna during the last edition of "Donna sotto le Stelle" in Rome or numerous TV shows on national and foreign channels. As well as quality testimonials, the number of prestigious foreign stores that are choosing to stock "Emanuela Passeri" footwear is constantly growing (Spain, Australia, Japan, Central America, The United States, The United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, etc...).

We find tremendous satisfaction in this, although the company's focus remains firmly on everyday women, women who wish to feel even more beautiful by wearing shoes that are made entirely in Italy and that are characterised by an unmistakable Italian style.